Thursday, February 23, 2006

Who did this to Rugby people?

Ever wondered who exactly backed the building of the monster plant in Rugby.....?

Well at WCC there was John Deegan, Karen Downe and Andy Cowan doing their best to "get it through". Rugby had Haywood Underhill and Greg Vigars. Jerry Birbeck and John Rush also had a hand in it.

What were the Rugby Councillors doing? You might well ask. On 31st August 1995 they had this "unanimous" thought-provoking statement to make for the Environment Committee Report on the Application to "UPGRADE" the Rugby Cement Works:

"NO VIEWS RECEIVED".. Yes folks - that is it the considered opinion of the paid representatives. I know it falls disappointingly far short of what one would have expected. Surely they could have made a bit more effort? They did not even bother to send a "view"....

The Councillors with no opinions: B Levy; D Cavanagh: J Wells; J Vereker: T White; J Hilditch.

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