Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Burning Question

Health Impact Assessments Incorrect?

The 2002 Health Impact Assessment carried out at Rugby (see link on RIP site) was and remains totally inadequate and did not even then use the correct emission limits for the cement plant, or the correct quantities, there has been a huge year on year increase.

The burning question Rugby residents wish to ask, as the plume, whether visible or invisible, grounds on them, is how much do the toxic emissions of such like as mercury, cadmium, thallium, dioxin, arsenic, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate, etc improve their health? What daily dose is recommended by these Health Experts? Or are the people of Rugby so strong that these things have no effect at all?

Are Rugby residents a super-resistant race?

Some residents under the plume don't believe the results.

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