Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rugby residents urged to stop breathing...

Rugby residents urged to stop breathing : responsible for 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide each..... Equivalent to about 6 tonnes Carbon each!

To do our bit to help Climate Change Rugby residents must behave responsibly. Apparently we produce more carbon dioxide per head than any other people in the UK. a lot more! According to Ceefax Tuesday 21st February, quoting the Carbon Trust:

London annually produces 9.46 million tonnes of carbon, making each Londoner responsible for a "horrifying" 1.09 tonnes each year. At the other end of the scale we have the environmentally friendly residents of Aberystwyth and Ipswich producing 0.42 tonnes each.

But in Rugby the 90,000 residents are apparently responsible for over 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide each! OK, OK, it is not all attributable to the heavy breathing and hot air produced in the Council Chamber, and it may just have everything to do with the Cemex co-incinerator plant. Yes, the one where the burning of waste "only gives out harmless carbon dioxide and water" according to propaganda put out by RMC in the 30,000 copies of the local free paper.

According to the cement industry figures : for each tonne of cement manufactured 0.86 tonnes of carbon dioxide are emitted, so the 2 million tonne a year plant would give us 1.8 million tonnes of CO2, and that divided up as a "share" between the 90,000 Rugby residents means we can all claim to have contributed 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Can we join Cemex and the cement industry, and enter into a Climate Change Agreement with the Government and get paid for "stopping breathing"?


Paul said...

Probably a bit too severe to recommend!


Anonymous said...

Could it not be that half of Rugby town's carbon dioxide emissions be cut out if Lillian stopped gassing off about all this!
Sometimes it's best not to know all these facts and figures.

Lilian said...

The anonymous comment above surely could only have come from the Town Hall, who least want to hear any facts and figures?

Soon ASBOs will be issued to anyone with any intelligence. You will NOT be allowed to: enter the Town Hall, look at Public Registers, speak to officers and Councillors, ask for access to environmental information, write anything on blog sites, or to speak the truth, anywhere in Rugby, and especially in the Council Chamber. We will shout you down and have you thrown out.

This Council has a Policy on Truthfulness. It is NOT permitted in our area.