Sunday, February 26, 2006

Freedom of Information?

This Council is not having ANY of that here in Rugby....

Even Councillors cannot get access to Information.... about air quality and pollution
Told to make pointless responses in the absence of the necessary information.....
We will only tell you what we want you to know.....

Dear Cllr

Unfortunately it is not possible to meet all the needs of elected members quickly. Officers have a number of duties and, therefore, priorities must be set. The Director of Housing and Environmental Health has introduced the ‘Policy document to improve understanding and working relationships between Elected Members and Officers’ in an attempt to clarify how elected members requests should be dealt with. Elected members have been sent copies of the policy document and were invited to presentations regarding it.

Should you want to make further responses to the air quality report, you may still do so, even if the information you have requested is not available to you at that time.

I am not and have not been the pollution officer as such. I was the Pollution Control Team Leader until January 2004 when I became the Commercial Manager. As Commercial Manager I am a deputy to Sean Lawson, Head of Environmental Health, and I have responsibility for the supervisory management of the Pollution Control Team, the Food Team and the Health and Safety Team.

I apologise for the delay but as explained above, operational needs and service requests by the public mean that expectations cannot always be met.

Yours sincerely

David Burrows
Commercial Manager
Rugby Borough Council
18 February 2005

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Concerned of Flintshire said...

I totally agree. The situation in Flintshire is exactly the same.

On one side, we are advised by the Monitoring Officer that Councillors are NOT able to go digging into offices/records or interviewing employees so as to get to the bottom of peculiar situations and events. Then we are told when we use the "correspondence" route that we are overburdening the system and that we cannot be given the staff time that is needed to root out the information hidden away on the files.

Who is hiding what?"