Thursday, February 02, 2006


Leading officers from RBC have this week had to suffer the indignity of admitting to ailments usually the preserve of the elderly. One head of department (on a very large salary thanks to us) admitted she (very conveniently) could not remember anything about what happened all of six years ago, while another admitted that not only have they not kept a full, accurate and complete record, a chronological order of events, but also that everything was all mixed up. After charging yours truly £80 for a supposedly "full copy" of the Rugby Cement Public register which they have to keep by Law, it was found to have gaping holes in it.

Two simple and direct questions have brought on this sudden attack of amnesia and muddle. Firstly we asked them for copies of the Rugby Cement 1999 IPC Application (Integrated Pollution and Control), advert, files, and responses from the Public, and from RBC, to the mandatory consultation. This caused apoplexy. And secondly we asked for copies of all the Rugby Cement Community Forum Minutes and relevant answers and reports to questions that arose. AAAGGH! They cried, and retreated to their nursing homes.

Unfortunately that last bit is a porky, and they still hang out on full pay at the Town Hall, busying themselves by organising "secret air quality meetings" with a hand picked bunch of councillors, who are definitely all "green", if not all cabbage looking.

(p.s. Keep your eyes glues to ebay as in the not to distant future you may be able to grab youself a bargain air quality monitor...)

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