Friday, February 17, 2006

Grounding Plume

Thankyou for submitting your photographs to this blog. It is really great to know there are people out there not blinded by the environmental agencies spiel.

This photo came in yesterday and was taken by Rugby Blog watchers as they took thier 14 month old daughter out to the swings to play, "I noticed that the plume this morning was a fairly nasty dirty grey blowing towards town. Attached images are from today and are a bit worrying as there appears to be a tendril of heavier particulates separating and falling from the plume..."

Thanks again.

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Lilian said...

Thank you for being vigilant.. but see below : Just a Lot of Hot Air... "this is not a significant health hazard" - say the Agency.

Apparently "tyre burning" is good for us, and reduces the cancer risk - over the coal burning we are experiencing currently. How much cancer risk is that then? And all that comes out of the chimney, that plume you see, is, according to the Rugby Cement propaganda machine - "harmless carbon dioxide and water". Could any scientist explain how water in the air reduces the cancer risk? Do you believe in fairies, as Rugby Cement obviously do.

David Elvin, the Agency's lawyer in the Court of Appeal for the Judicial Review, happens also by strange co-incidence to be the lawyer advising Warwickshire County Council about the "lawfulness or otherwise" of the dumping of 20,000+ tonnes of hazardous waste, (bypass dust) produced by the Rugby plant and seemingly being dumped at Southam with no planning permission, no waste management license, and no IPPC Permit. Thius is a temporary arrangement with WCC and Cemex until they can get it dumped at Parkfield Road, the conveniently located quarry next to the Redrow houses.

In the meantime the Rugby residents associations and Rugby in Plume are petitioning for MORE tyre burning, to improve our air quality and to lower our cancer risk, and we are also requesting cement factories at Warwick and Stratford to enable those residents to enjoy the same benefits as Rugby people. While WCC put this through the planning process - that will be easy for them as it was at Rugby; can do it with their eyes closed - we are setting up an "air bottling plant" in Avenue Road, and also a health farm so that other Warwickshire residents can enjoy the same benefits which they so envy.