Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A few facts:

Rugby Cement burns more "total material" in a year than all the incinerators in England.

Warwickshire County Council want to build an incinerator see "Rugby Advertiser February 9th: Council officers defend £100m incinerator plans." At the meeting to discuss this "waste strategey" we learned that the total of all Warwickshire's household waste to be collected and disposed of in the next TEN years weighs the same as the maerials burnt in the Rugby Cement plant EACH year - three million tonnes (depending on how many break-downs they have!) You wonder why they just do not burn it in the cement kiln, after all it is only about 300,000 tonnes a year, only about a month's worth!

How many incinerators do you think it takes to equate to the emissions of the Rugby Cement Co-incinerator plant? Rugby is the town where the Environment Agency say that the burning of waste and tyres is good for us - well perhaps not exactly good for us, but an "improvement on the coal burning emissions" that is going on currently. Why are all these doctors worried about incineration - look at Rugby. No dead bodies in the street, so if a massive cement kiln the equivalent of let's say the capacity of all the incinerators in England is not bad for we tough Rugby residents, then why are they making all that FUSS? They must have been listening to the wrong people ? Doctors eh, what do they know about health? They must ask the real experts, they should ask the Environment Agency and Rugby Borough Council Environmental Health Officers and they will put them straight - tell them how wonderfully good waste burning is for the public health! What is wrong with these northern wimps? Bring on a few more thousand tonnes of waste, Rugby residents are tough, and we are not dead yet!

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