Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Plume With A View

Did anyone pop out to taste the air today as it grounded on Rugby town centre?

The thick acrid particulate cloud probably did wonders for the local coffee shop scene infact we should do a little survey.

Any volunteers to see whether a polluted town centre makes people more thirsty as they try to get rid of the dryness in their throat.

Applicants apply to this blog... Must supply your own clipboard.. ;)

This afternoon the town air really got to me so i decided to head to the eye of the storm and walk the greeny-white fields of Long Lawford only to see that it was to be a day when the works were hedging their bets and leaking things from all over. As you can see by the following pic it's not just the main stack we have to contend with.


Lucy Granger said...

That is a great idea. do we get to drink coffee all day to?

I had best dig out my clip board.

Macca said...

Area Environment Manager, Paul Quinn, informed the Community Forum in Aug05 -

"Mr Quinn told the Forum that although we are pleased with the progress that Cemex have made in improving the performance of the plant, the issue of the warning letter and Formal Caution makes it clear that any further offences will have very serious consequences for the company. The issue of the Formal Caution means that the company has accepted that an offence has been committed and that should there be any further offences in the future then, subject to evidence, the most likely outcome is that the company will be prosecuted."

Why is it that the EA don't consider these ongoing toxic emissions and particulate releases to be "offences"?

Perhaps Paul Quinn and any Area Environment Manager with young children should be made to live under the plume?