Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How to buy off a town

Check back here to see the gifts/donations associated with the Rugby Cement plant.

£25,000 a year for three years from 2003 towards air quality monitors. (Who had access to the data? Not the public of Rugby!)

Here are more examples from 1999, and at that time everyone's eye "was off the ball" as the Council and all the people of Rugby should have been looking at the IPC application for the cement works. (Integrated Pollution and Control) The public were not made aware of the public consultation. Why not? What did RBC do at that time? Their files are mysteriously empty.

  • Gift? info HERE

  • Newbold Shops - £10,000 is being provided by Rugby Cement for the environment enhancement programme.
    Hillmorton Locks - £20,000 is being provided by Rugby Cement towards the refurbishment of buildings at the Locks to create suitable premises for small businesses and visitors.
    Air Quality Project - £15,000 is being provided by Rugby Cement for an air quality project which is also being funded by the Council and the Environmental Agency.
    St Andrew’s Benn Park – The Millennium green - £46,650 is being provided by Onyx Environment. Trust to help convert the disused school playing field into an urban park.
    Great Central Walk - £61,250 is being provided by Onyx Environmental Trust to make the stretch of Great central Walk in the built up area into more of a nature reserve. Other projects have been awarded to the local community in the Rugby rural area by Onyx Environmental Trust.

    Councillor Martin Eversfield, Chairman of the Environmental services Committee said,

    "This is excellent news for Rugby. This is another example of the Council working in partnership with other organisations for the benefit of local people."

    (Ed: "Scuse me while I go get a bucket.")

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    Anonymous said...

    Funny how such a song and dance is made about these donations, yet I have thrice, THRICE, requested details from RMC about their views on Corporate Social Responsibility and requested their CSR report or details thereof. All by email though the "contact us" portal on their website. No response to any emails whatsoever...maybe we should all start requesting this specific information as often as we can find the time?