Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Angel Of Death

Real Angel needed

Who saw the piece in the Rugby Observer dated January the 19th 2006 regarding suggestions for a rugby landmark?

Rugby Chamber of Commerce should get real! I am sorry to say that a mere statue of an angel will not help attract tourists to Rugby. Anyone visiting would be most unwilling to stay more than day because of the overpowering cement plant and hovering plume of doom that is experienced from everywhere, including all the conservation area.

The Environment Agency have confirmed that the plume does ground on Rugby residents, but they consider it not to be a "significant hazard" - not to them in their offices anyway.

I suggest they get a real Angel to watch over us and try to protect us from the acid gases and particulates, and the toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that pour out of the stack 24/7 and escape as fugitive emissions from transfer points and leakages.

Then the Angel can also pray by the graveside of those whose lives are terminated prematurely by the toxic cloud!

Keep your eyes posted here for more great info and pix of our wonderful town of Rugby..


CP said...

Hi All,

I am thinking a Rugby landmark that rivals our other beautiful works of art in the British Isles could well be too expensive for the Rugby tax payers to fork out for.

Unless that is we build upon an existing landmark that can already be seen across the county and from all roads into Rugby.

I propose plugging the seeping cement works chimney with an angel that would stand higher than the one further north.

What with the recent unusually high mortality report for the borough we could call it 'The Angel Of Death'.

Not only could it stand as a worthy landmark for the town, It could also stand as a warning to those that may have been thinking of pulling off the motorway. Two uses for the price of one. Not to mention the asthetic improvement on the cement plant.

Please let me know if any money needs chipping in to this potentially life saving project.

Lilian said...

Northerners apparently appreciate my value even if some Rugby folk do not. May be I should strike a trail to the North, back to my roots. Mind you he may not talk so kindly of me if he knew that I am a lassie from Lancashire!

Letter Follows:

Barry Robinson
Galfrid Rd

I read with amazement, how Rugby wants, an icon, like the ‘Angel of the North’. (landmark idea for tourists, Observer January 19) Up here in Yorkshire, we too want - sorry, the council wants to waste money on - an ‘Angel of the North’.

It is my belief that some wide boy, possibly council funded, is knocking these icons out by the dozen. If these icons are encouraged, and after all, they will be no dafter than an infamous sculpture here in Hull which we all thought was a stench pipe from the sewers, then I believe they should be sculpted in the form of the councillors who agreed to them, and a plaque below should say ‘Rogues’, or ‘Waste before sense’.

Whenever I see your Cape Canaveral cement kiln as I pass by 20 miles away, I think of your residents and wonder how many more are ill from the pollution from that ‘icon’.

I would point out that your real Angel of the North is Lilian Pallikaropoulos, the anti-cement kiln campaigner. Rugby is famous up here simply as the home of that exquisite lady.