Friday, January 27, 2006

Blog off (Editorial Note)

If you notice any changes on the site (as in edits) shortly after publishing, this is due to potential misquotes that may have to be removed as we sometimes make the mistake of writing what the big wigs mean and not what they say... Allegedly....

Here's a pic dated today, thanks go to Squid for seding it in. It looks like the plume is once again straying a little too close to the ground.

If anyone else sees the plume grounding or looking darker than it should, please send a pic in so we can post it here.


Rob T said...

Where's the photo gone from yesterdays post?

If you are being bullied about your facts not being spot on sod 'em.

Lord knows we have enough of thier propaganda shoved through our letter boxes here in Lawford. The pages are dripping in half truths and lies.

Mr. G. Anderson said...

Is the smoke meant to come out like that? It looks like it is coming out and going down. What is in it and does it go anywhere the school?