Thursday, April 06, 2006


Cement delivery drivers to be:
Rugby residents not reassured.

Further snippets from July 21st 1999 Rugby Cement Liaison Committee Minutes:

"Rugby Cement is very aware of local concern with regard to transport, and members of the committee were informed of the driver LICENSING scheme, under which all cement delivery drivers are TRAINED, AUTHORISED and regularly AUDITED." (That is some good news then! Licensed eh - what a relief! And what about the other lorry drivers employed on materials etc - by implication are they unlicensed? )

And then ... an increase in lorry traffic is actually .... a decrease in lorries? "There would inevitably be an INCREASE in the level of transport once the new plant is commissioned due to increased capacity. Stuart Elliot plant manager also pointed out that 76% of the raw materials used in the process are transported via a pipeline from Kensworth, therefore substantially REDUCING vehicle movements to and from the works. Cllr Kirby noted that it would be unfair to expect Rugby Cement to shoulder the entire responsibility for HGV traffic in the area. (at the cement works?)

In response to a query with regard to clay lorries delivering raw material from Southam, Ian Smith stated that Rugby Cement had consulted with representatives from parish councils along the route and agreed the best route for all."(Oh, that's OK then is it? And what about any consultation with Rugby residents?)

And I just cannot resist this one: "The cladding is scheduled to be completed by early October and will be of MUSHROOM colour. Once the majority of this is in place the kiln can be lit. The kiln will run at low output for two to three months before increasing to full capacity". (Note the utter vagueness of capacity, but the certainty of the important point - the colour. Mushrooms again!)

These Minutes were obtained only after RBC and Agenda 21 said they had variously : lost them ; thrown them all away ; forgotten anything about them ; denied any knowledge of the meetings; insisted they were not present even when their names are on the Minutes; etc etc, in fact any old excuse to say "No we will not let you see what fools we are!"

Too late, the cat is well and truly out of the bag.


Anonymous said...

How were they chosen, and who appointed this what can only be described as "bunch of morons" to represent the people of Rugby's interests? They were woefully inadequate, and showed a complete lack of responsibility and due diligence.

Today's Guardian quotes Ben Bradshaw: "Air quality is still affecting people's health and wider environment particularly those pollutants for which there is NO SAFE LIMIT!"

The TOTAL BURDEN of the cement plant's many sources, the massive amount of uncontrollable and unmeasurable pollutants, which have NO SAFE LEVEL, and the impact of its daily total of almost 1,000 heavy lorries should be worked out. How many people does it kill, and how many does it make ill?

People worry endlessly about "incineration" but here we have the government's largest, dirtiest and cheapest waste disposal unit. RBC gets a million quid in business rates; Cemex/RMC shareholders get millions of quid profit, and we get respiratory illness, cancer, lung and heart disease and death - oh, and I almsot forgot, £3,000 worth of Christmas Fairy Lights.

The people on this Committee must be held to account. Why have they done this to Rugby people - blighting the whole town and causing massive environmental and health degradation? Was something in it for some of them?

Guardian reading environmentalist, with a private and personal interest in staying healthy and staying alive, and living in Rugby. Sadly these may not all be achievable as things stand at the moment.

Anonymous said...


Seament plant - what seement plant? Meatings? What meetings? We no nuffing? We never seen it, never been there, and we never dunnit! Truly we no nuffing. We cant read and rite. We do not understand - anythink.

Rubgy Brough Counsel

Rob T said...

(I laugh out loud), There are things that have happened in that place that make me shudder. I could be talking about the works or in fact the council chambers. You decide.