Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Cement dust shower prompts action call
A COUNCILLOR has called for action after dozens of Long Lawford homes were showered with dust due to another accidental release from the Rugby Cement works.
Large areas of the village were believed to have been affected by the emission from the Lawford Road factory, which occurred at about 5.30am on Saturday.

Cllr. Pat Wyatt (Ind, Lawford and Kings Newnham) said she spent hours talking to concerned residents on Saturday morning after hearing about the fall-out - and wants a crackdown on the company.

Cllr. Wyatt, a long-time opponent of the works, said: "How many times are we going to be showered like this?

"It's the same every time, but what is an apology?"

The fall-out, which is believed to have lasted up to 15 minutes, was thought to have been caused by a fault with a clinker cooler at the Lawford Road works.

The clinker cools down material which has gone through the factory's kilns, before it is turned into cement.

The kiln was immediately shut down and the fault reported to the Environment Agency.

A spokesman for the Agency confirmed the incident and said that as the emission was made up of sand and clay, it does not count as a 'harmful emission.'

He said: "From our point of view, we are investigating the cause of this problem and we will be taking appropriate action if it is proved there has been a breach of permit."

There have been reported cases in the past of emissions in the past from the factory, which is owned by Cemex.

Cllr. Wyatt said she had received complaints from residents across the village and demanded the Agency take stricter action against the factory.

She said: "It really depends just which way the wind is blowing as to how many people are affected by these emissions.

"I want more stringent measures applied to the works and more meaningful restrictions to be put on Cemex and the plant.

"I'm going to keep on and on about this."

Cemex spokesperson Marit Meyer-Bell said: "We can confirm there was a dust release from the clinker cooler.

"The incident has been reported to the Environment Agency and is being investigated.

"We regret the nuisance this will have caused for some of our neighbours and we are working with them to resolve any issues they may have."
20 April 2006

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Charles said...

I read this.
Good on the Councillor I say. We need more on the Inside to stand up for the people they are meant to be representing.