Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hoodwink with Plausible Stories

Further instructions on how to subdue and fool the public:

(Sorry folks, it's Mushroom syndrome again)

At the RCCF (Rugby Cement Community Forum) on 24th April Cemex will face
these questions:

Can Cemex advise whether or not they agree with the statements made on pages 14,(On unsustainability), 18 to 21, 23, (Particularly the "Tell them Plausible Stories" comment), 34 (on Take, Make, Waste), 58 (on burning Petcoke), of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's advisory/tutorial document for the Cement Industry? To view the powerpoint presentation click: HERE

1 comment:

Lilian said...

NO, they did not face the questions as the Chair, and Agenda "fixers", refused to let me ask them.

I guess we all know the answers in any case!

Now RBC are on the same band wagon as the Environment Agency, refusing to answer questions that have more than three words in them, and that have not been "expressly permitted" by the chair of the RCCF, so fat chance to get any questions answered now.

They have this idea that they can "blank out" any and all opposition to, and queries about, their historical, or should that be hysterical, behaviour.

The old adage holds true - Liars should have good memories!