Saturday, April 15, 2006

EASTER PRESENT - From Rugby Cement.

Long Lawford residents awoke this morning to find a liberal coating of dust all over their cars and properties. The Environment Agency were inundated with complaints and several residents drove their cars to the works, including one irate owner of a brand new car, demanding compensation.Interviews with residents, and Councillor Pat Wyatt, had many asking what was the impact on their lungs of the dust that we cannot see. Others asked what is in the dust - from the petcoke and tyres they are burning. The air seemed thick and there was a low visibility that was not recorded in the town itself.The Environment Agency have not commented yet and are waiting for the Cemex works to say what is wrong with the plant and what has happened NOW, yet again, to remind people that whether visible or invisible we are being covered in pollutants 24/7.

It was interesting to see that the BBC had also picked up on the news. If you pressed your 'RED BUTTON' on BBC1 digital this evening you were taken to the headline 'DUST FALLOUT LEAVES HOMES COVERED'.

Perhaps the cement works should have their own 'Red Button'.... marked 'Self Destruct'...


Roger Farnham said...

My car too was covered and it looked much worse than your pictures. I should have taken a photo. It's not easy to get off as when you use water the dust seems to react.

Does anyone know the best way to clean it off?

Anonymous said...

I am not even going to attempt to clean mine. I'm taking it to the works and they can deal with it! They either do a perfect job or they owe me a respray!

LJ said...

You are all missing the point i think. Yes you can wash your cars but what about your lungs?
No i am not just jumping on the 'lets all hate the Rugby Cement works' band wagon.

I have my children to worry about. They are breathing this in!!!!

Cllr. Mrs. Pat Wyatt said...

If you have been effected by the nuisance dust from the cement works Lawford Road Rugby, on the 15th. April 2006 then contact your Rugby Borough councillor Mrs. Pat Wyatt 01788 576789 and she will be able to pursue a remedy for your costs.

Lilian said...


Home owners are afraid to complain because of the very real fear of PROPERTY BLIGHT, and devaluation of their properties, which they may be unable to sell, or have to sell cheaply. One man says his barn conversion is worth £40,000 less because of the waste burning, and pollution.

Council house tenants are afraid to complain because of their very real fear of being turned out of their properties by Rugby Borough Council.

Residents are not so stupid as to believe Agency and Cemex propaganda "breathing in sand, grit, chalk, dust, pollution, is good for you, and improves health" - people are more informed. Many people are becoming more afraid to live in the area because of the frequent and increasing pollution incidents and the fact that year on year the pollution, emissions, lorries and types and quanities of wastes to be burnt in the cement kiln increase. The Agency says that the pollutants from the massive wet plume falls on Rugby residents, whether visibly or invisibly, and this coating of grit serves as a timely reminder of what is going on all the time, but that the residents cannot actually see it and taste it all the time.

Not only that but also it is recognised that the bypass dust and wastes from the plant have to go for disposal to a specially designed hazardous waste landfill, so how can the company and the Environment Agency pretend that the emissions and dust are not harmful?

Some people are afraid of the cement works employees, or work there, and all in all you have a town gripped by fear. The Agency meanwhile rings residents to falsely reassure them, and to say that those of us who are reporting incidents are responsible for informing the public, which the Agency prefers us NOT TO DO. "We do not like the truth. You must NOT tell the truth!"

MUSHROOM SYNDROME again - Agency and Cemex prefer to keep Rugby residents in the dark and pour bucket loads of pollution on their heads 24/7.

Anonymous said...


If this Council bothered at all about the health and well being of the residents it should prosecute Cemex for this last pollution incident, and go on prosecuting for EVERY subsequent frequent unmonitored, unmeasured, and uncontrolled incident.

Does RBC care one jot about the environment and health in Rugby, or are they part of the plot? What does the RBC Environmental Health Office do to earn its keep? Nothing, except to bleed dry long suffering Council tax payers.