Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yet another pollution episode in Rugby

RBC and Environment Agency impotent as ever!

Following Cemex’s recent attempt at chemical warfare from their base , the cement works on Lawford Road, I thought I would trawl back through the dozens of press statements used in the past and provide a few heart felt statements they might find useful for their inevitable press release.

Perhaps they could start with the evergreen ‘this was a very rare occurrence’ followed by ‘due to human error a sequence of events occurred which was totally unexpected’. One that always gives me a laugh is the cement company mantra ‘valuable lessons have been learnt, and this situation will not happen again due to the new safeguards we have put in place’. Can I suggest we have an all our yesterday’s type of competition in the newspaper for the best, or most laughable excuse provided by this company, the first prize being a years supply of pure oxygen and a family size set of breathing masks. Then again this might make Cemex think that there is an opening for a chemical plant on their existing site, and of course you just know that our ever helpful local Councillor’s will be on hand to smooth the way for yet more pollution of our town!

(Letter submitted by 'Long-Lawford long-suffering Resident.')

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