Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Angry Expert

This is an actual letter emailed to me:


In reply to your repeated questions about where the dust comes from if, as the Environment Agency insist, it is NOT from the Rugby Cement plant.

I am staggered that after all this time you still don't understand, or worse, refuse to understand, the way that solar winds that are heavily laden with moon dust focus on Rugby.

It's all to do with the gradual shifting of the poles - basically, the Bermuda Triangle has moved to deepest Warwickshire. Hope that's cleared it up for you as I will be billing you £15,984,800.67 for the time taken to reply to this email.

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Anonymous said...

Expert Comment: absolutely free!

I have been following your web site and I must congratulate you and your team on the quality and effectiveness of this.

Your approach will have a positive effect on your cause. You have a good balance between the seriousness of the situation and the difficulty of overcoming it, and you give the impression that you are "in there" until you win, and the people of Rugby are protected from the current spate of ongoing disasters from this inappropriately located, poorly managed and regulated, cement plant.

Keep up the good work.