Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"MAGIC" permitted cement plant in Rugby; air apparently not for residents:

RBC seems to be at a loss to explain the billowing dust and smog in New Street, as reported by residents today, Monday. Meanwhile in yet another classic case of "pass the parcel", so enjoyed by the EA, WCC and RBC, other complainants were told: "Do not tell us about it. Tell the Environment Agency. We can do nothing! We are not responsible for the air in Rugby."

Maybe their eyes are off the ball, because the officers are busy trying to explain away to the Full Council why it has cost them thousands of pounds in officers' time to answer simple questions submitted to RBC under the Environmental Regulations and Freedom of Information Act, concerning the environment, pollution and air quality in Rugby. After all this information, and much more that is now the subject of a solicitor's letters, should have been made freely available to all, and should not have to be "dug" out by long-suffering residents.

It must be hard, almost impossible, to answer simple questions when it seems that there have been a considerable number of irregularities that have gone on in relation to the permitting of the cement works over the years. The Public consultation appears to have been conveniently bypassed, which is why we are all wondering how the cement works came to get a Permit in the first place: by MAGIC?

We have had the mushroom syndrome. Now we have magic as well. Could an element of magic mushrooms explain away the crazy decisions?


Anonymous said...


That is the funniest thing i have seen all day.. week.. month!

JC said...

Of all the possible things the plant could be burning what if it were burning Plants? ;)

Maybe then there would be an explanation for the laziness of the population.

They are all stoned!

Jobsy said...

Wow man... I am feeeeeeeeelin' it.

In fact last week wasn't there a mushroom cloud over Rugby?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jobsy
I am glad to see you take this matter so seriously - would that those guardians of the environment acted likewise. Plume - what plume?

Actually often there is a mushroom cloud over Rugby, but according to the Agency is has now been downgraded from a "High impact plume" to low impact. How? you might well ask.

They have this very scientific way of assessing the plume... twice in 24 hours a cement plant minion runs outside and gazes into the sky. "I see a plume/I see no plume", taking care to look in a random direction - and none of that panto "look behind you" please.

The crucial scientific test is whether the plume is visible "outside of the plant boundary during daylight hours", the inference being they can plume us all they want as long as no one can see it! Some people refer to it as "burning off at night!"

BUT they forget - we have in Rugby what some might call street lights - oh yes - thoughfully provided by RBC, but we call them "plume lights" as we have something special that no other town has - a 24 hour plume outside of the cement works boundary. And where exactly does it go?

Plume expert

Anonymous said...

Having imbibed psylicibe semilanceata several times and throughly enjoyed the experience I can confidently state this: "magic mushrooms" definitely change one's perceptions for a few hours and enable the "user" to see beautiful colours and patterns. If you are irresponsible and take too many they can make you sick and cause you to have a "bad trip" where things change from beautiful to ugly. This can worry the inexperienced user to the extent that one can question whether or not one has gone temporarily insane. However, and of this I am sure, They do not change a persons morality or honesty. If anything, upon reflection, after the "trip", one finds that issues such as morality and honesty are somehow more important and clarified. They DO NOT make you corrupt. I would like to disassociate the reputation of a natural English phenomenon from such ideas. Perhaps if these corrupt people were to "get hip" and have a "cup of tea", the world might become a better place.