Friday, March 03, 2006

Hand of God? Wind blamed for polluting Rugby!

Official excuse for the "pollution incident" of 26th February, when the kiln stopped and yet again dumped "dust" over Rugby residents: and how the explanation is perceived by Long-Lawford long-sufferers: (wish to comment or join in the debate phone/ email marit.meyerbell)

Sent: 02 March 2006 23:26
To: 'Marit Meyer-Bell'

Thank you for your efficient reply to my question, whilst I should be relieved that my family was not exposed to your companies contamination of our town in a direct sense, one cannot help thinking that the poor souls who unfortunately live to the north west of your plant would not be quite so disposed to the lack of genuine concern you show in your reply to me, or indeed share your upset at the companies 'reliability and environmental performance' having slipped from your claim of an high standard.

The plant, for your information, has a long history of failures, and just as long an history of condescending cover up's when they frequently occur. I hope and pray that one day your company will do the honest thing and come clean over their performance and not hide behind a sympathetic EA whose own agenda for the 'cheap' removal of waste through the use of cement kilns with barely efficient filtration systems is exposed as the fraud that everybody knows it to be.

From: Marit Meyer-Bell []
Sent: 02 March 2006 17:44

I can confirm that due to a blockage of materials as they were about to enter the kiln, there was a small release of dust on Saturday 26 February. Under normal weather conditions, the dust would have been contained within the site, but due to high winds some dust unfortunately escaped and was dispersed to the North West of the plant and so should not have impacted on houses in your area. The incident is under investigation and has been reported to the Environment Agency, which regulates the cement industry. The incident is disappointing for us because the reliability and environmental performance of the plant over recent months have been of a very high standard.

The plant operates well within the limits set by the Environment Agency. However, if you have any further concerns, please make contact with environment manager, Brian Handcock, at the plant. He can be contacted on tel. 01788 553121. You are also welcome to come and see the works for yourself.

Regards Marit

Marit Meyer-Bell
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Sent: 01 March 2006 19:32

Dear Sir/Madam
I live in Long Lawford in full veiw of the Rugby cement plant and was informed that the plant had a major technical failure at the weekend, which caused a heavy discharge of chemicals over our homes,Could you please provide me with any information regarding this incident and how dangerous this could potentially be for our family which includes three small childern. I urgently need to be reassured that my family have not been placed in a position of unacceptable health risks and would welcome a speedy reply to my concerns.


Anonymous said...

God answers prayers of Rugby faithful.

"It's not my fault, honest!" says God in surprise announcement.

Today in a witness statement sworn on the Bible God denied all involvement with Rugby Cement. He said that the problems were all of their own making, and it was grossly unfair of the management to blame the wind for the cement plant's dirty habits. In an attempt to help the afflicted residents, and in answer to their prayers, the Fatherly advice which God gave was that Cemex move the cement works to a more suitable isolated location near to some raw materials, and away from the people, so that they could live in a cement-dust free zone. He had a few words to say about Rugby Borough Council,Warwickshire Council and the Environment Agency, but these are being held over so as not to influence in any way the imminent decision from the Court of Appeal.

One of the flock

Anonymous said...

Wilson Close Rugby

A resident, who lives about one mile to the south of the cement works, complaining to RBC, about the dust, and writing a letter in this week's Observer was told by RBC "not to bother them, but to call the Environment Agency." Car valeting vouchers are frequently given out by the cement works, after they have admitted it is their "dust" that is so sticky and hard to remove from cars.

They have taken a sample (yet again), but residents can "rest assured" as true to form that will be the very last they hear about that - if everything goes according to the normal plan.

"Dust, what dust? No problem! Sweep dust under the carpet!" that is what we always say.

Feather duster.

Anonymous said...

If I were u....I would be applying CEMEX...great place to work...