Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tyre Burning Whitewash


As Cemex takes court action against DEFRA and the European Commission (Case T-13/07 - 2007/C 56/70) for an increased allocation of CO2, for its uneconomic and energy-hungry, inefficient, unsustainable, semi-wet process coincinerator, (and other pollutants/green house gases), it also begins to burn tyres, with London's household and commercial waste already in the pipeline.

Public dissatisfaction in Rugby is at an all-time high, and the authorities seeking to allay public health fears about the impact of persistent pollution have come up with this novel masterplan!

In a prime example of "Partnership Working and Co-operation" Rugby Borough Council and Cemex today joined forces with the Environment Agency, sending out the usual army of car and window cleaners, but this time with a different mission.

Fed up with investigating the frequent streams of complaints about plumes and dust coatings and coming up with the following excuses:

# Saharan sand;
# Icelandic volcanic ash;
# bonfire night;
# construction of a garden shed;
# excess pollen;
# pre-school sand pit;
# excess use of talcum powder;
# influx of carpet beaters;
# to name but a few...

..the powers that be have today decided to paint the town "cement-dust grey" - and as of today all cars, windows, houses, streets, roadsigns, conservatories, garden furniture will be monochrome.

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