Monday, April 16, 2007


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As Cemex Rugby plant suffers a renewed and prolonged attack of "SHY PLUME SYNDROME", a cement plant affliction, seemingly brought about by the 24 hour presence of the RIP web cam, Lawford resident Gareth asks in the Postbag of the Rugby Advertiser:


"A recent presentation (or softening up process) arranged by Long Lawford Parish Council, allowed Cemex the opportunity to pedal their usual 'trust us we're a clean company' credentials.

It became apparent, yet again, that as with their tyre burning assault on our air quality, they cannot answer even the simplest of questions regarding the chemical content of the material they wish to burn. Consequently they can make no solid claims regarding the effluence leavings their chimney, which continuously falls on us.

They were happy to pass round the audience a biscuit barrel containing some fluffy material (how quaint) and to press home the fact that organic matter and metals were removed. However, when pressed to provide a list of the chemicals present in the 'fluffy stuff' on display, the usual silence fell on the room.

When Cemex was asked for the chemical constituents of the tyres, prior to being given permission to burn them, they studiously avoided the subject.
How nice to see some things never change.

If you want insight into what the company intends for our future generations, then take a glance at the new Government sponsored advice on the advertising billboard by the cement works on Lawford Road warning of the dangers of smoking.

Apparently it is not the 15 per cent of smoke you can see that will kill you, but the 85 per cent of TOXIC FUMES that you can't see which is much more lethal.

It would seem Lilian Pallikaropoulos was right all along!
Even the government agrees with her!"


Says a letter in the Rugby Observer.

"I have read recent letters on Cemex/Rugby Cement with interest. Protecting the HEALTH of one's family is PARAMOUNT for most people.

Environmental reports are becoming commonplace as part of the house buying process, not just for the property itself but for the surrounding area.

I wonder how long it will take before Rugby and nearby villages keep losing purchasers due to Cemex burning hazardous materials; and the worrying dust showers? That's when the real whingeing will start!"

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I saw the bit in the paper.. A bit sensationalist but funny all the same.