Monday, April 30, 2007


The Environment Agency are holding a PUBLIC SURGERY to give you an opportunity to talk through any concerns you about the proposed Climafuel burning trial at Cemex in Rugby.

The surgery will be held on 1 may 2007, 2.00pm to 8.00pm at NEW BILTON COMMUNITY CENTRE, 1 Gladstone Street, Rugby.

DAVID HUDSON, Environment Manager, and members of his team will be there to answer your questions. To ensure you have enough time to talk through your concerns, please contact CYNTHIA KNOWLES as soon as possible with your preferred arrival time.

01534-404967 and

IF you are unable to attend please forward your questions and we will arrange to call you back to discuss them. I trust these options will provide adequate opportunity for you to contact us and give you the chance to raise your concerns."


TEL: 01543-404967
FAX; 01543-404931

If you still don't know what Climafuel is..

The official line is:

Climafuel is a shredded, dry waste material that would typically consist of household refuse, screened paper, cardboard, wood, carpet, textiles and plastics. All recoverable materials are removed for recycling purposes, while the remaining waste is subjected to a rapid drying and composting process to produce a solid, clean and non-hazardous fuel.

Right.. So if "All recoverable materials are removed" then why is there still cardboard, wood and paper in the fuel?!?

How can this kind of fuel be described as a "clean and non-hazardous fuel" when it contains carpet, plastics and general household refuse?!?

How can the quality control of Climafuel be known when the source is household waste?
CEMEX can not guarantee the that household products high in cadmium and mercury, such as batteries, will not be in the fuel.

Burning of domestic waste in cement kilns cripples the drive to recycle as over 60% recycling produces a low energy fuel unsuitable for cement kilns. Energy in these fuels tends to derive from wood products (paper, cardboard etc) and plastics. These are exactly the products that society should be recycling more efficiently.

The burning of Climafuel will increase the fine dust particles (2 micron particles) that directly effect health. No requirement is placed on CEMEX or the Environment Agency to monitor levels of fine particles under 10 microns (pm10).

If you care about your air you MUST ask questions.

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Anonymous said...

Your are right, ask questions if you are ignorant about this topic.

Ignorance and politics are leading us the wrong way.

Do you know what it would take to recycle these materials 100%. There are rest of recyclable materials because is not viable / efficient to remove them.

Have you seen the process and control systems in a cement plant? I have. A cement plant is one of the exceptional environments in which waste can be used more efficiently and safe.

I agree there must be restrictions, methodologies and processes, but please, let specialists handle them. Ignorant public opinion I believe is more dangerous that air around a cement plant.

If you care about your air you MUST BE CAREFUL.