Friday, June 16, 2006



There is a growing clamour from Rugby residents to call a HALT to the DEGRADATION of Rugby Town.

Every week the local papers are full of cement plant stories of pollution and "events", and with letters to the local press pleading for a Knight in shining armour to rescue us.

Rugby Observer 15th June:

"As an ordinary member of the public I was told I could not attend the meeting at the Town Hall on June 2nd between Rugby cement (Cemex) and Rugby Borough Council but at the last minute a councillor friend asked me to stand in for him.

This meetings was arranged in haste by Cemex to which the council agreed, knowing too well it was half term and many councillors wouldn't be attending.

It was an ill-prepared meeting. I felt a sense of disquiet listening to Ian Southcott from Cemex reading from a prepared script, forgetting to move the diagrams on the monitoring screen along.

The people of Rugby are not mentioned, they don't enter into the equations. He went on to say they were asking permission to burn Climafuel. Of course once again its' perfectly safe although it contains plastics coming into Rugby from other parts of the UK. But this is just the start, the next thing is SLF (secondary Liquid Fuels) and PSP (processed Sewage pellets), together with tyres - a real witches brew.

A question they can't answer is the effects of the long term poisoning because no-one attending the meetings has been trained to know."

Margaret Smith

Bob Mead of Long Lawford says this:

"So Cemex or whomever owns the place this month and our beloved Department of the Environment have decided to foster a waste incinerator masquerading as a cement works upon the citizens of Rugby. Do they think by calling this waste by a nice cuddly environmentally sounding name will fool the public?

Of course there will be some public consultations which will be ignored in the usual fashion. It is time WE STOOD UP AND SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I do not want the health of my child to be under any risk from this plant. They have proven on more than one occasion they do not have the ability to control their emissions. Just take a moment you consider this plant is far too close to the town to be considered even fo the production of cement let alone the burning of hazardous waste.

Let's all have a REFERENDUM so we can decide democratically what should happen to this plant. I for one would like to SEE IT CLOSED!"

And he is not alone in this. Rugby in Plume WILL ask the Rugby people what they really think in a PROPER OPEN TRANSPARENT HONEST FULL CONSULTATION!

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