Friday, June 02, 2006

Deals On Wheels

We suggest a FAIR DEAL: Rugby residents to get the minibus, and Dunchurch to get the incinerator?
Tonight's SECRET MEETING heard:

How to get London's waste burnt in Rugby's giant co-incinerator?

Gordon Collett says "WE CAN GET THIS THROUGH!"

IF certain people stop being hysterical! (read : Lilian - ASBO)

Councillor Gordon Collett (hysterically funny, if you have that peculiar warped sense of humour) accepts the keys to a £22,500 minibus from Rugby Group Benevolent Fund in order to "help older and less able people living in rural communities to access shops and other services." I am sure ALL Rugby residents join in wishing the "rural elderly" MANY happy days out in the Rugby Cement bus, and all the very best! It's very tough in the Warwickshire outback!

How much the NHS and Social Services and Rugby townsfolk - older, younger, middle-aged and as yet unborn, in the deprived, polluted, disadvantaged and town centre areas of Rugby will have to PAY for this minibus remains to be seen, and calculated. (Which can be done, and this sort of calculation is being DONE worldwide - everywhere!) I would have thought that Cemex and WCC got away VERY lightly with twenty grand. Very lightly INDEED! Pick up the tab Rugby Council Tax payers, and national tax payers. How much do Cemex get paid an hour to burn this waste?

Exactly WHO are the WINNERS and WHO are the LOSERS?

13,000 Community Matters Cemex June newsletters will be delivered to Rugby Residents pleading with you all NOT to protest about the plans to burn "CLIMAFUEL" - household waste, and packaging, plastics and rubber-backed carpets (and industrial??) waste in order to SAVE RUGBY RESIDENTS from "running the RISK of picking up a HUGE bill."

Oh, and co-incidentally to save ALL Warwickshire from picking up a huge bill.
Oh, and I forgot to say to save all London from picking up a huge bill.
Oh, I forgot to say to save all the BLAIR GOVERNMENT from picking up a huge bill.

Waste planning - what is that? We do not believe in planning - only SPIN for us!

Rugby is to become the INCINERATOR CAPITAL of WARWICKSHIRE. Right?

Rugby is to become the WASTE CAPITAL of LONDON - NOW to burn the household
waste from LONDON to save THEM from picking up a big bill.

What do YOU say?
Shall we agree - say IF they give us an EXTRA MINIBUS?

NO! Dunchurch shall have the INCINERATOR, and Rugby's elderly the minibus.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pecuniary Interest?

Should the esteemed village Councillor Gordon Collett have been in the meeting, as he has a pecuniary interest in Cemex? Should he not have declared an interest and left the room, having accepted the £22,500 mini-bus and also being on the Cemex propaganda leaflet.

Is this something for an investigation by the Standards Board?