Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hot Off The Press

Freedom of the press is one thing; Truth is another!

Cemex claims to be "COURTEOUS", but that courtesy strangely does not extend to ANY of our 90,000 Rugby residents.

"These Accusations are Irrelevant Meeting was not a secret!"

That is according to Cemex, quoted at "hitting back" in today's Rugby Advertiser

No, not actually a secret, just they decided not to tell anyone?

And those they did tell had no notice, Agenda, background paperwork, and no Minutes.

All this fully funded by generous council tax payers - well paid up - gullible Rugbeians!

"The meeting was designed to be a briefing for key stakeholders, interested parties, and Councillors."

(These Councillors proved so very DISinterested that only 15 out of 48 bothered to turn up!)

"We invited them out of courtesy so they could advise their constituents and people they represent. The intention was always to be as transparent and helpful as possible."
A lot of use those 33 other Councillors will be then, and meanwhile Cemex proved how "helpful and transparent they are" by sending out a few Community does-not Matter Newsletters to people as far from the plant as possible.

There are plenty of people in Rugby who are fed up!

Cemex branded DISCOURTEOUS and WORSE, Susan Hollins Boughton Vale, in a letter to the Advertiser.

"Time to bite the bullet! Once again Cemex are causing misery to more Rugby residents. Our houses back on to Newton Manor Lane, where it seems all hell has broken out, with the digging up of roadside verges to put in large pipes. This so-called work was due to start in early February (see all the road signs) and we all received a letter from Cemex to apologise in advance for the disruption.

However it was weeks later before they began, and now we are constantly plagued by the most appalling noise and fumes from their equipment and also from the traffic lights installed to regulate the traffic. Consequently on some of the nicest days this year we are forced to sit inside with doors and windows tightly closed. If they had actually started on the date promised at least all this disruption would have been finished before the summer, but they don't care about our health or welfare do they?

This is admirably demonstrated with their filthy, ugly chimney that casts a black shadow over all the town, and threatens the welfare of us all with its dirty emissions.

WHEN, oh WHEN, will anybody on the Council bite the bullet and take some proactive measures to SAVE OUR TOWN from this BLIGHT, and all their broken promises?"

ANSWER: Sorry Susan, but they never will because most of the Councillors and Officers of this town have always worked, and are still working, together with Rugby Cement, WCC, and the misnamed Environment Agency, AGAINST Rugby people, and have DELIBERATELY and IN SECRET done this to us. What kind of a Council would do this to its residents - blight the environment, pollute and poison the air, and rip-off its residents? It is not only the 33 Councillors who did not even bother to turn up, in fact the ringleaders were actually in the front row of the meeting.

Hazel Bell thanking and scraping the ground Cemex walked on. Gordon Collett waving his mini-bus keys, and saying not to get hysterical, we can be successful, we can get this through!"

Worse, far worse is yet to come.

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