Friday, October 12, 2007



of Rugby Council tax payers funds is being made available to help Cemex and the Environment Agency to select "green" compliant and malleable members for CEMEX'S exciting new venture. We have had the Cemex diversion into horticulture, with Carlos the plant director for Rugby in Bloom, and now they are cultivating mushrooms.


The Council lead Rugby Cement Community Forum is to be abolished as "Community", and "long-standing councillor", members are to be excluded from the Forum. Conservative penny-wise pound-foolish Councillors, advised by officers who have an axe to grind, try to save a few quid by this novel idea of handing over the whole Town of Rugby, - its inhabitants, its environment, its roads, its air - to CEMEX!

Applications for membership of the Cemex Co-incinerator Club are invited from all walks of life, but priority and preference will be given to those who can clearly demonstrate certain attributes : It is absolutely essential that applicants display no prior knowledge of, and no experience of:

* the IPPC Permitting process
* EU and UK Environmental Law
* Public Participation Directive
* Environmental Impact Assessments
* Health Impact Assessments
* cement plants and co-incinerators
* emissions from stacks and low level sources
* health effects of cement plant emissions and carcinogens
* stack testing compliance
* air quality and source apportionment
* history of the unlawful planning decisions at WCC
* history of RBC EHO's continual dereliction of duty
* history of HMIP and the Environment Agency
* history of Rugby Cement Chair's position on Board of Agency
* the Agency's "guidance" such as Substitute Fuels Protocol
* unlawful actions by Agency (Rugby Cement/ RBC?) at IPC in September 1999
* the names of all those involved in this unlawful cement plant's construction
* the names of those involved in its unlawful operation and IPC/IPPC Permits.
* the Agency's Public Register and how information is withheld

Preference will be given to those with sawdust between their ears, and illiteracy, although not a prerequisite, will be an added advantage.

Join the Cemex Co-incinerator Club today and enjoy the many financial benefits that this can bring, with thousands of pounds available for Community projects for those who comply with their rules of their game. Apply today to become a Cemex mushroom - be kept in the dark and have bucket loads of fertiliser (CKD?) tipped over your head at regular intervals!


Anonymous said...


It appears that the Environment Agency is permitting and encouraging Cemex to import the RDF waste from Holland, that has been collected and processed from household and commercial waste from various countries?

Why is it cheaper and easier to dispose of in the UK, instead of at, or near to, source? Why don't they burn it themselves if it is such an environmentally friendly brilliant idea? The UK really is the dirty man of Europe - taking in wastes for them all, while having no means of disposal for "home grown waste", or are we going to export it to the continent - perhaps a balance of trade statistic, or VAT scam?

And this Government wants us to pay more Council Tax, and have a less frequent and convenient service for household rubbish? All the UK's householders struggling with the wastes, spending hours sorting, and washing, and wrapping, and carrying, all so that the cement industry can be paid to import waste from other countries for disposal.

This Labour Government is environmentally bankrupt!!
Enraged Council Tax Payer.

Anonymous said...

Just been passing by the cement works about 11.30 pm. Shame your camera is down as there are massive plumes/dust clouds coming out of the mills, but strangely nothing visible at all from the stack, despite it being about 4 degrees C. What has happened to the famous Rugby Plume? How have they managed to make it disappear - is it the new bag filters they have fitted?


Anonymous said...

I work in the environment industry and so naturally I want to do whats best for the environment etc. But it is surprising how much is hidden under the surface of even simple issues. I sympathise with your plight of having to live near the factory but they are not going to go anywhere. So I think Cemex trying to burn RDF (which is made from leftover waste After all recyclables have been removed), instead of fossil fuels is not perfect but a good move in the right direction.
The Uk dont have enough RDF here because most councils have only just started building RDF factories. The waste replaces fossil fuels and would otherwise just go to landfill sites. So while it may not be the best possible solution, it is probably the best solution we have at the moment!