Friday, October 19, 2007



"DRAMA, ANGER AND REBELLION" as democracy compromised at the Rugby Cement Community Forum (front page Rugby Advertiser 18 October) which saw County and Borough Councillor Timms sacked, after a vote of no confidence in her as Chair, in the heated forum meeting. As the ring leader of the Conservative Cabinet's unilateral secret decision to cut off the funding for the secretariat of the Forum, leaving Rugby residents high and dry, and at the mercy of Rugby Cement, she was dismissed in a rousing display of "people power!"

As the Editor pointed out:
"This whole episode is not a great advertisement for the Tory-led Council. They need to show more transparency and start taking the public more seriously. RUGBY CEMENT is a BIG ISSUE in Rugby, and not one which should be taken lightly. People power won
the day, as it always should. I think the powers-that-be should heed the warning and start having a change of attitude."

As Rugby Tories face accusations of "selling the public's health to save money", leading long-standing Councillor Ish Mistry commented "The public does not know what the Town Hall's administration is up to!" While Neil Sandison, also long-serving, declared "What the Tory cabinet has done is morally and ethically wrong!"

Cemex claim this turn of events, and change in direction, heralds a new Ground Zero. They are now responsible for the Forum's secretariat and provision of a publicly accessible and neutral meeting place under the auspices of "The Polluter must Pay!" Cemex are consulting the Environment Council as to how the Forum should "move forward and work together". £15,000 funding, is provided to do this, but £7,500 of it is provided by the Rugby Council Tax Payers from the existing Health Protection Budget to choose new forum members who are, apparently, to have "a less confrontational approach"?

AS Cemex have just won the right to burn London TRASH, and to become a DUMPING GROUND, it is not ONLY the saga at the Forum that will leave a BITTER TASTE in the mouth of the Rugby public!

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Judy Bench said...

Damn. Why didn't I hear about this?
Perhaps i should read the papers more. Especially as they seem to have started printing things i am interested in.
I seem to be getting more and more of my news from online.

Thank you lilian for keeping me updated on at least this kind of local news.

I will rush out to buy the paper.
Do they have a photo of the councillor actually wetting a bed?