Friday, September 14, 2007 Now in Video!


Is this the beginning of me taking things to a new technological level?

I want to thank for taking the time to put my video clips together and also John and Lucy (more clued up R.I.P. menbers) for giving me the idea..
If you have a story you want me to 'Vlog' (Video Blog.. new word I have learned) perhaps your health is directly affected by the works, the traffic or you have piles of dust and particulates piled up against your door?

Email me at lilian (at) (change at for @) or leave a comment and I will rush round with my camera and record the evidence or your story to add the the growing archive of wrong doings forced upon the people of Rugby.


Secret Squirrel said...

This is great. Better than the TV. I have been on edge since the webcam broke but feel better now. Will it be fixed soon?

Keep it up Lilian.

Lilian said...

Thank you for the comment. The web cam should be up and running by the weekend. In the meantime if you see anything suspicious coming out of the stack please capture it on video and let me know.


Shelly said...

Hi Lilian, I saw your video on Youtube and I wanted to give you my support. Good for you and I hope you prevail in shutting this polluter down or at least getting them to stop doing what they're doing to your air. I live in the U.S. and we have a lot of similar polluters. I live 15 miles from a coal burning plant which pumps mercury into my air and I'm sure they all sleep very well at night despite what they're doing. Anyway good luck and keep at it, you are bound to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Love the video Lilian, another problem for you is that the Rugby story uncluding treatment by Cemex and your local Councillors is almost unbelievable! We need you to keep highlighting their atrocities for the sake of the people in your town that they are killing. The actions of these people will one day be recognised for the urban terrorism that it is. Mike - Tasmania.