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Well if it's good enough for Bury St Edmunds' Councillors, SURELY it's good enough for Rugby and Warwickshire! Or is something wrong with these councillors in Rugby?

Tesco's at Bury St Edmunds recently built an unlawful extension, and then applied for retrospective planning permission, no doubt assuming it would be just nodded through. Now Tesco is in shock as for once someone has stood up to them, and called their BLUFF, and a halt to such under-hand attempts to bypass correct procedure and attempts to bypass PUBLIC CONSULTATION!

Smart Councillors went against the "advice" of their own council's planning officers, (who were only too willing to recommend turning a blind eye), and told Tesco to pull it down! The David and Goliath battle has begun - with mighty Tesco set to appeal, and presumably to bankrupt the local authority? Tesco now "wishes to work with the local council to resolve the impasse. And how might they achieve that - some cash for the "in bloom" perhaps?

RUGBY AND BURY ST EDMUNDS But local people said it wasn't in keeping with the surroundings, either in scale or material, was too big, was as ugly as you could imagine, doesn't fit in with anything, and the developer should have been more sensitive to the local residents where it dominated the backs of peoples gardens blocking the light and spoiling the enjoyment of the neighbourhood.
In addition in Rugby the "unlawful development" permitted by the gutless councillors also rains down pollution near and far, day and night, and has 1,000 HGVs a day - and blocks out light even in the Conservation Area!
WARWICKS COUNTY COUNCIL seemingly useless, uninformed, untrained, blissfully ignorant of planning law and EU directives, and cowed by Rugby Cement's power and clout, subserviently gave a retrospective planning permission, (with no informed public consultation), to not only permit the retention of the extra unlawful constructions, in which to convey and burn the waste, that Rugby Cement said they had built "for £1,000,000 at our own risk", but they also managed to permit - presumably in blissful ignorance - the cement plant to morph into a CO-INCINERATOR - without so much as a mention of the word, and without any public consultation.

JOHN DEEGAN (Blind leading the blind!)
(Warwicks CC R410/02CM025 Rugby Cement) Received retrospective planning application Sep.2002 for plant to convey/burn tyres, that required planning permission. See Regulatory Committee Report Appendix B on 28/01/03 to understand how little these planning officers comprehend about what they are doing. DEEGAN even argued that there was no need for any public consultation, and advised gullible councillors that turning the cement plant into a co-incinerator does not require any consideration except - "the visual and the operational impacts of the development, rather than the burning of shredded tyres."

He crassly justifies his "attitude" by saying that RBC Environmental Health Office is satisfied the development will have little impact". It will apparently cause no dust either - nor run off into the River Avon when 600 tonnes are stored outside on the ground to breed mosquitoes!
He does not understand what 600 tonnes chipped tyres is like - stored in a town's residential area. Sad case!

DO I HEAR IT FOR WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL OFFICERS, and their lead-by -the-nose 62 County and 48 Borough Councillors.
Not to mention Member of Parliament Andy King?


Anonymous said...


If you use google and "Rugby Cement R410 and R410/95CM007" (etc) you will see what the officers at WCC have been doing, and how, presumably in order to avoid any public scrutiny, they have said it was "not applicable" to advertise many of the extra-extra planning applications that have compounded Rugby residents' problems.

All the time they have been adding more and more buildings and processes, and bringing in more and more wastes and materials without ever considering the site in an overall holistic sense. And in this same way the cement plant became a CO-INCINERATOR. There has never been any Environmental Impact Assessment. They have quite simply totally ignored the impacts!

A councillor Brian Levy seems to have been very involved in this - along with RBC EHO. Note the questions and answers session at R410/95CM007 and the way the WCC officers responded to public concern - or rather failed to respond!


Anonymous said...


Surely that should read ex-MP Andy King who was involved in the whole issue as a County and Rugby Councillor, and as MP from 1997 onwards. He was involved in the delay of the building of the Western Relief Road as well as in the development of the huge cement plant. If you use google you will find the story - and on WCC and RBC web sites.

The Conservatives gained the seat last time with about 1,500 votes extra for Jeremy Wright - a lawyer. What does he do to help matters?
Have you complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman - the MP needs to sign it before they will investigate, but any MP will do if the Rugby MP refuses?

Keep up the good work. It is an incredible story - maybe a film in it, or at least a book!