Saturday, August 12, 2006


Rugby residents' COUNCIL TAX is being used for a "party" of councillors and officers to visit Germany and see how household waste is burnt in the Kollenbach plant at Beckum. The whole Council could go simply and cheaply in a morning to the Castle Cement plant at Ketton Stamford, where the same waste, but called "PROFUEL" as opposed to the name "CLIMAFUEL" as used by Cemex, is CO-INCINERATED. RBC claims to have asked Castle's management if they can visit, but Mike Healey Operations Manager for SRM Limited who "manage" Profuel at Ketton says that the company is "unable to commit to any visits in the near future as they have been inundated with recent requests." He advises the Council to keep in touch but they said they probably wouldn't be able to accommodate a visit this year.

Cemex are running "pre-application" discussions into the burning of London's household waste at Rugby until the end of September, and then will make a formal application, which will then have to go through the formal consultation process. By clicking the link you will be able to learn a lot about the Kollenbach plant and see that the main stack emissions are so very much lower (per cubic metre) than endured by the long-suffering public at Rugby. Rugby in Plume have requested answers to technical questions, but Cemex were only able to tell us that the plant was about half the size and capacity of Rugby, but they have no idea what kind of process it is, no details of main stack emission limits, point sources, transport methods, and other impacts. We have given the Councillors a list of questions and they will have no excuse whatsoever not to come back from their "jolly" with all the answers.

In the meantime the Rugby Cement Community Forum has written to the Environment Agency and Cemex asking them NOT to carry out the further trials that are planned in September with petcoke and tyres until we have had ALL the data from last year's tyre trails, and until the Tyre Burning Review Group has obtained all the data and assessed the 2005 tyre trials that took place with coal. So far we have not had enough data to decide if the several CSFs - Critical Success Factors - have been met, or not!
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