Friday, August 04, 2006


Owners of the Rugby Cement works have been warned they must prove a proposed fuel burning scheme is not "harmful" to the town.

Cemex claim CLIMAFUEL - a mixture of paper, plastics, wood and carpet - will have environmental benefits. Cemex is currently undertaking a consultation process into proposals and plans to apply for permission to start trials in September.

However, Ian Withers from the Environment Agency told the meeting "Cemex will have to show us that the use of Climafuel will not cause harm to the local environment. Once the trial is completed they will need to show again there is no detriment. Only then if we are satisfied these issues are covered will we be able to conclude that the use of Climate should be considered."

Meanwhile the company denied claims made by local residents of yet another dust leak from the plant on Tuesday 25th July, saying that the release was only "minor" and had been contained "internally" and had not "escaped outside".

Very clever dust control that! Perhaps the air was so still that the dust really did "fall back to earth like a stone?" What size of particle was is that ensured that this "dust" only FELL down in the in site? This dust is so heavy it does not blow in the wind? What is it - boulder size, or a few small rocks? Perhaps they should patent this "magical method of dust control"?

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Lilian said...


"MP Jeremy Wright has this statement on his web site:

"I certainly do not think we should be considering any other alternative fuels at the plant until the results of tyre burning have been fully analised. That is why I have called on CEMEX not to rush any consultation on the recent proposal to burn recycled paper and plastics.

ONE THING AT A TIME! I would expect Cemex to allow time for proper anaysis of the tyre-burning trial before expecting us to consider any further fuels."

The voice of reason and fairness has spoken out. We are being pushed along all the time with no chance to collate and study the data. The CONCLUSION of the panel and public at the 27th July Public Debate is that we simply do not have enough raw data to make any decision about the 2005 tyre trials.

The Tyre Burning Review group, facilitated by Dr Mike Holland, has had to ask the Agency and Cemex/Rugby for a lot more raw data. This date has been "hidden" in the "statistics" of the lengthy "Tyre Burning Report" at the instruction of the Environment Agency, which delayed the release of data by many months so that a "new statistical tool" could be used, but this has served only to MUDDY the WATER - as intended.

Keep up the GOOD WORK Agency! Bring on more "sham" consultations, deliberately hide data, and mislead,and misiform, as that is what the public can only expect of you. It is your normal standard practise!!