Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Planning Applications!!


Please do not miss your one and only chance to have a say about the future of RUGBY!

About our ENVIRONMENT and our HEALTH.

People should write or email to either Object to, or Support, the planning applications.

It is a good idea to copy both Councils so they cannot say they are not aware of the implications of the two applications. They enjoy to play "pass the parcel" with plans and developments so that no one gets to know what is actually happening and to understand the true impact. This is why RIP have called for a FULL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT with ALL the FACTS being made known and not this piece-meal drip-feed of partial information.

Rugby Borough Council
Technical Services Department
PO Box 123, Town Hall
CV21 2ZP

Email: ian.davis@rugby.gov.uk

REF: R05/0948/24037/PLN Replacement section of chalk slurry pipeline across Brownsover, Bougton Road, Avon Mill, Newbold Road, Parkfield Rd, Leicester Road

This is the last part of a new INCREASED PRODUCTION and throughput to the renewed pipeline that Rugby Borough Council EHO and planning office have said "will have no environmental impact and no impact on air quality" and thus they have speedily ruled out any ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT. But, the WCC files show that there is a planned increase of between 21% and 40%.

This WILL impact on pollution, HGVs pollution, air quality, health and TOTAL BURDEN and environmental damage. Cemex itself say the pipeline will be increased from ten inches to eleven inches ONLY, but this in itself is a 21% increase in flow assuming the pressure remains the same. The new pipe has thicker walls and an increased pressure, so there will be less friction and an even bigger flow rate.

This is all connected with the planned and secret staged "upgrade" of the
NEW RUGBY WORKS which has taken place without the full facts being made known and with no PUBLIC CONSULTATION.

The Associated planning application is now in the public domain and closes on 27th October 2005.

Matthew Williams
John Deegan
WCC Dept planning, transport and economic strategy
Shire Hall
CV34 4SX


REF: INSTALLATION of new bag filter with related plant and infrastructure

This application can be read in full on WCC web site under environment,
minerals, planning, and also seen at the RBC office and Library.

This involved the fitting of bag filters to the main stack to "decrease the
particulates by about 24%" at the current flow rate, but it will allow the
burning of all HAZARDOUS and non-hazardous waste and combined with the pipeline increase will be a massive environmental and pollution burden increasing the traffic and HGVs full of waste and the clay, additive and finished-cement lorries through the town centre. It will increase the plume.

While we do not tell people what to write we would suggest you might like to consider the following issues:

Intensification of use Change of use to co-incinerator

Increase in lorries - resultant road and pollution damage

Increase in pollution in AQMA (Air Quality Management Area) already declared Rugby-wide for nitrogen dioxide

Increase in "dust" from low level point sources and fugitives which will
mostly affect new Bilton, Newbold, Long Lawford

Fugitive "dust" and chemicals from wastes in the lorries
Damage to health from pollution

Exact nature of types and quantities of "wastes" to be burnt

Chemical composition of the emissions and health effects of the same

What the Environment Agency is doing about it?

What the Primary Care Trust is doing about it?

Why Rugby has the highest rate of winter mortality in the county?

Exact nature of the pipeline increase

Impact on children's health and devlopment

Loss of amenity for whole town

Increase in the plume

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