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RUGBY BOROUGH COUNCIL recognises the increase in toxic air pollution in Rugby and the very real threat now facing local residents, and dedicates about 50 pages on the web site in the Committee report to the the planning committee on Wednesday 12 August. It says to turn down the Cemex application for a 500,000 tpa waste plant to manufacture RDF to feed the monster CO-INCINERATOR.
RBC cite many reasons, including the EXISTING POLLUTION FROM THE CEMEX CO-INCINERATOR, and the LACK of any proper air quality assessment (PM2.5 particles ignored) and the FAILURE TO CONSIDER THE HEALTH IMPACT
Seems RBC have been reading my many emails on the subject after all!

DUST FALL OUT NOT OUR FAULT! says CEMEX CEMENT in Rugby Advertiser 6 August. " The overnight dust fall out was not our fault!" as dust rains down, yet again, on Long Lawford,. Townsend Lane residents contacted the Advertiser (yet AGAIN!!!) to report a Monday morning fall-out. The Environment Agency is looking into it, and Cemex also takes samples for analysis. Apparently the co-incinerator's own (very limited, Mickey Mouse) monitoring, according to Cemex, "did not record any problems at that time, and we also had a report of a bonfire in the area, and we will know the outcome in about three days". And the wind, as ever, reported today on Radio Rugby, was blowing in completely the wrong direction!! In June 2009 Cemex was fined a paltry maximum £20,000 at the Stratford Magistrates Court, after the Environment Agency spent no less than TWENTY SEVEN MONTHS "thinking" about it". Then there were THREE very discrete/secret/unpublicised hearings in Rugby), before Judge Sanders, made a judgement, "under the impression" , as created by Cemex, its consultants AMANDA GAIR and the Environment Agency and its EXPERT Professor Roy Harrison of Birmingham University/ Health Protection Agency, that "that 8.67 tonnes of pulverised coal dust was not proven to be harmful to health of the Rugby residents up to three miles away who were covered in black oily dust and particles."

Some might even say 8 tonnes of coal dust is GOOD FOR US!! No weaklings in Rugby - we are the supermen!

LONG LAWFORD: "Last week the citizens of CORBY won a landmark case against their local council. To the horror of the community they witnessed a rapid rise in the level of local birth defects, and after what would appear to be insurmountable odds finally managed to prove the negligence of the authorities in failing to protect them from high levels of fugitive metal particulates covering the town during the demolition of the local steel works.

Compare this outcome with the situation in RUGBY, and it is difficult not to believe that our town must now be at a moral crossroads. Do we continue to allow regular illegal clouds of fugitive, potentially dangerous levels of dust to cover our community, with all the obvious health concerns for the elderly, young and weak residents of the borough? Do we continue to stand aside and watch the ever expanding business interests of one company blight our skyline and change the surrounding area into a massive, polluted moonscape? In this modern world of environmental awareness, why do we allow our community to be slowly poisoned and destroyed by one company’s voracious appetite for profit?The people of Corby stood up to be counted, they questioned the ability of the very people who were elected to protect the community, and found them wanting.

In a well attended public speech to RUGBY residents at St Oswalds Church last week Professor Paul Connett criticised amongst many other practices, the lack of credible monitoring for Dioxins and Mercury, both known carcinogenics at this local plant, and the almost obscene level of ‘averaging out’ of all chemical release figures before publication. When combined with a bizarrely high safe limit level requested by the Environment Agency for these emissions (as if there is a safe level for this poisonous stew) one wonders why we have stood aside for so long already.

CORBY had the courage to react when their community was at threat; the people of Rugby need to reach the same level of concern before it is too late."

AIR QUALITY SPECIALIST MAGAZINE : " The High Court decided that toxic hazardous dust kicked up by disturbing contaminated hazardous landfills from the closed Corus Steel works could have caused birth defects." "The Judgement will have implications elsewhere - for instance protesters in Rugby claim the cement (CO-INCINERATOR) works and associated traffic leads to excess toxic dust in the town. Likewise waste management sites that are known to cause air quality problems because of deposited dust and windblown dust should NOW be REASSESSED, not just for "nuisance", but also for potential toxicological effects."


STEWART DAVIES stood in Peterborough council elections in 2002 for Lib Dems. This Cambridge graduate was at first in 1986 with ICI; then was MD at Corus Steel; then founder of Corby Urban Regeneration; then moved over to cause mayhem as MD of Rugby Cement; then CEMEX; then SERCO: and 2001 Climate Change Agreement; EU Trading; Sustainable Cement initiative, and now highly favoured Commissioner for the Environment - appointed by HILARY BENN for a second three year term.

SPOT CEMEX POLICE BIKE: word on the street has it that this "widely publicised and much acclaimed and world-wide well-reported generously donated bike" has been stolen and auctioned on ebay, for a fraction of the £1,000 Cemex paid to Warwickshire Police to purchase/sponsor this environmentally sound piece of kit. Environmental groups have asked under the FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT how many other such "donations Warwicks Police have received from industry?"

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