Tuesday, January 29, 2008


WIND DIRECTION changes at different heights, as is clearly shown in this picture. See the massive plume from the main stack - about 3,000 tonnes a day of gas, laden with pollutants - about 1,000,000 cubic metres each hour. Then notice the streaming plumes from the cement mills, now known as emissions of particulate, "in pure air" (??) from these polluting Low Level Point Sources. When local people complain about "dust" they are invariably scathingly told by the authorities that their "case is not proven - the wind was in wrong direction". But where do these "experts" take their readings? Even the recent air quality assessments which monitored wind speed and direction at four points in the Rugby Borough had four different direction and speeds on the same graph! And do not mention re-suspended dust what ever you do!

Since the Rugby Council with drew their support for the Rugby Cement Community Forum in July 2007 there has been only one meeting held in public, in December, in a freezing cold village hall in Bilton. There are plans afoot to change the name of the RCCF, to Rugby Community Cement Forum, which seems in appropriate when the plant has, over Christmas, increased its co-incineration to 220,000 tonnes a year. The household waste (Climafuel) that the public were consulted on in 2007, has now morphed into a permission for 15 tph - 360 tpd, 131,400 per annum of EWC 190210 and 191210, These are apparently residues from household waste and from "wastes from physico/ chemical treatment of waste including dechromatation, decyanidation and neutralisation! Due to the low calorific value 15tph makes only a 30% substitution, while the 87,600 tonnes tyres constitute a 40% substitution being 10 tph.

OTHER WASTES used and stored are listed without waste codes, or quantities, or storage/planning permissions, and the bypass dust is still being trucked in sheeted lorries to be landfilled at Southam, where the "temporary non-hazardous planning permission", such as it was, expired on 31st December. Apparently hazardous waste is not supposed to be allowed to escape, and must be contained, but WCC have agreed to allow them to use returning clay lorries under a Section 106 agreement in 2001. WCC do not seem to know what BYPASS dust is and how polluting.
The old planning permission was for CKD from a coal-burning cement works and this expired in 2001. The Environment Agency seems to have forgotten the Landfill Directive and PPC Regulations, seemingly allowing the dumping under the old expired Waste Management Licence. Every year good old Warwickshire County Council, seemingly in ignorance, gives the operator another temporary extension, even though the landfill has no permission as a hazardous waste site. The bypass dust from the co-incineration of waste is trucked in sheeted returning clay lorries - often streaming out as the lorries travel through the Rugby Town Centre - as witnessed again this week.


Even the RBC EHO,who have often tried to downplay the air quality problems and contributions from the whole INSTALLATION,and who are slow to bother about such matters as hazardous dust spilling over the residents, have now saida mobile air quality monitor must follow the lorries to try to "catch the dust". Mind you I expect they will warn them first as usual!
Watch this space!!

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