Monday, November 19, 2007



..asks L Simpson in a letter to the Advertiser about Rugby.

"Forget Evreux, forget Russelheim - surely by the control Cemex seems to have over the Council, and in particular the planning office, isn't it now time for us to be brought into the 21st century and be twinned with Sprigfield USA - home of the Simpsons?! I returned to Rugby after nine years in the north west to be alarmed to see there was a huge "nuclear power plant" at the site where the little old chimney for Rugby Cement used to be. In fact that little old chimney had metamorphosed into that monstrosity that is seen for miles and miles around - a true blot on the landscape. Who allowed planning for that, and how could Rugby Council sell us out and let it happen?"

"It seems to me that over the years it has been a case that what the cement works wants the cement works gets, and as quickly as our local representatives and the Department of the Environment can make it happen, irrespective of local opinion and the population in general" writes Geoff, Long Lawford resident.

NEW BILTON SIDING IS OPEN SPACE: according to Rugby's Local Plan, 2006, which shows it clearly marked as disused and in green! But Network Rail say they have been using it for 8+ years so why did they not put the coal trains on it to Rugby Cement, and save 30,000 lorry miles each year in Rugby town centre? They seem to want it all ways!

are involved and CONSTRUCTION is going on with no consultation nor planning application. Local residents have NOT even been informed despite the Public Register claim by EWS/ Walker to have carried out:
"Significant Interaction with external organisations:
* Cemex plant and personnel;
* also home-owners on opposite side of proposed works."

RBC: we do not know if it needs planing permission. We think it is open space and disused.

WCC: we do not know if it needs planning permission. There are so many lorries on the roads going to the cement works it would be better to put them on the railway. "Air quality problems in Rugby are directly related to the large number of peak hour vehicles and HGVs travelling through the town centre." And no we do not know why we put them there!

WESTERN RELIEF ROAD: we do not know how 400 lorries a week are going to cross the road from the new New Bilton Sidings to the cement works.

EWS: we have submitted out of date maps. We do not need any planning permission, or to tell any local residents who will be affected by noise and pollution.

Last coal delivery Rugby station 21st December. First coal delivery New Bilton 3rd January.. If coal supply is to be stockpiled it will need to be 5,600 tonnes - 700 tonnes for 8 days!

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS TO SHUT WORKS: LATEST for RBC EHO to grant LICENCE 21st Dec. "If the New Bilton Environmental Licence application response is negative there will be not be sufficient time to implement alternative arrangements." Shame!

This was all being "sneaked" through nicely, as they shut down the Rugby Cement Community Forum, concealed the information, and applications, and endeavoured to prevent all meetings and discussions, refusing to meet or talk with the community, and pretended the Environment Council was negotiating with the public in an "open honest transparent" manner, and trying to "move forward together." But move forward to where? The battle to wrest control of OUR Town, OUR environment, OUR air quality, and OUR health from CEMEX IS A TUG OF WAR MORE LIKE!

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