Sunday, July 15, 2007

CEMEX in new takeover bid

Cement giant Cemex has now branched out into Religion! 20,000 pounds have been invested in GOD. Having failed to convince Rugby residents of the success of its tyre trials - after the emissions data was hidden for more than a year - the latest strategy involves getting God on their side as they invest in St Andrews Church Rugby - unless they are paying for forgiveness of their sins?

This piffling donation co-incides with their insistence on burning more tyres and wastes to "address the number of environmental pressures" placed on them by the Environment Agency, which is "pushing them to use a larger quantity of substitute fuels" - presumably regardless of the impact on Rugby residents and the extra emissions of pollutants such as ammonia and cadmium and thallium.

Meanwhile the hapless Agency struggles to define the "plant stability" on which it bases its Permits, and the officers still refuse to supply the RCCF with the AMESA dioxin tests that show emissions of dioxin of up to eight times higher than admitted by the Cauldon Cement plant where it was trialled - after a previous typical Agency "promise" to trial the equipment at Rugby Cement was broken.

Don't believe one word they say!

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