Monday, March 12, 2007


Except that it has not been raining!
Can it possibly be just Rugby Cement chimney sweeps at work?
Friday clean the car and go to bed. Saturday morning get up to find white car painted black.
Thank you Cemex.

The first official RBC version of events is that pulverised coal dust escaped as Cemex tried to feed it into the plant, and blew in the wind, covering everything in the area to the north east of the Rugby Cemex cement works, up to about two miles away. RBC, Cemex and the Agency have been inundated with calls from worried home owners, who are reported to be furious at yet another dumping. Its inside houses, on cars, window sills, conservatories, green houses, sandpits, vegetables, grass and in fact on everything - including on you if you happen to live there.

This black dust is merely the highly visible manifestation of the far worse small particles and nanoparticles that are emitted 24 hours a day in the tonnes of acid gas and air that fall on Rugby people, and around, depending mainly on the weather! These smaller particles are capable of penetrating the lung linings of humans and creating damaging effects in adults, children and even the unborn child. The toxic and carcinogenic heavy metals, dioxins, cadmium, thallium, etc adsorb onto the particles.

All this is taking place in the middle of a town of 60,000 people.

Ask yourself why do they not build cement plants in towns?

A prize for the best answer.

And why DID they build it here? Who thought it such a grand idea, and gave them permission? We asked Warwickshire County Council to answer our complaint against them that the planning permission is unlawful, and that what is built is not what was applied for, nor advertised, and is in fact not even the plant that was granted the "so-called" planning permission.

This is their considered response:

"Mrs Pallikaropoulos is wrong in so many ways that I/we can hardly begin to list them."

"We have given up trying to correct her because it is futile and disproportionately time consuming. However, this should not be taken as any kind of admission by us. Nor do I give any credence to her allegations against all of you."

John Deegan
Strategic Director for Environment & Economy
Warwickshire County Council
Web :

We have the evidence, but WCC seem to be "in denial".
They provide no evidence to back up their claims.
Whose version of events do you believe?

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