Monday, December 04, 2006

What's Going On!?!

Send for the Spanish Inqisition!!

No one expected the chaos and misinformation at the council chambers today either!

Not only was a public meeting scheduled without the public being told about it.. People who did get a whiff were fed a pile of baloney when they phoned for details..

more later...


Agency do have Christmas spirit after all!

Good will and glad tidings to all men!

We are NOT insensitive! We do not wish to ruin Rugby's Christmas by permitting a giant CO-INCINERATOR as a gift. No, we are more kind than that! We will hide it for a bit, let you first enjoy yourselves, CAREFREE for the FESTIVE SEASON.

The Environment Agency and Cemex have now bowed to pressure from the Campaigners:
The RUGBY CO-INCINERATOR decision is delayed a month until the end of January.

Unfortunately they somehow forgot to inform Rugby Borough Council, so the RBC hastily put-together "non-consultation" consultation, being rushed through by RBC in a week:

# public meeting on December 14th at 5.00 Rugby Town Hall # looks even more the SHAM we always said it was. Rugby people were given one week in which to read and digest the 353 page Cemex Final Tyre Burning Report, and get any comments into RBC EHO by noon on December 8th, IF they could download it from the web : (sustainability), or sit in RBC offices for a few hours. Alternatively you could have YOUR VERY OWN copy for £42.50 - this would have bought you a "fairly useless" copy with no colour graphs, contours for isopleths etc.

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